Flynn Reef - The Links A smaller reef on the outer edge of Australia's Barrier Reef, the visibility is normally superb. Many Blue Spotted Stingrays and species of smaller sharks can be found along the reef edge.

Milln Reef - The Pinnacles Large schools of Humphead Parrot Fish, several different species of sharks and the resident turtles are common sights on this world famous outer reef.

Thetford Reef - 360 There are swim-throughs and very large anemones that host several different species of Clown Fish. Several large reefs have merged to form canyons and passes that provide great diving memories.

Moore Reef - Surrounds  The Surrounds on Moore Reef offers a great insight into the resilience of Mother Nature and the life cycle of the fragile ecosystems that make up the reefs of the world.

Thetford Reef - Mystery Mystery is known as one of the best dives on the Great Barrier Reef due to the great diversity of marine life- including giant clams, fans and corals.

Milln Reef - The 3 Sisters The three sisters are three large coral formations that form large pillars rising from the sea floor. Hosting a large array of Sharks, Rays, Cods as well as a huge diversity of coral and marine life.

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